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The Stone of Hope Monument.

The MLK Monument at 2300 Greene St. in Columbia SC.

I was watching the news and had never really paid much attention to the soundbites about the monument until this newscast when they were showing a story about a protest there. That was when I saw that the monument was a pyramid, uncapped meaning an unfinished situation, and had a globe that seemed representative of the all-seeing eye of Horus as it appears on the US one dollar bill. I tried to pull up photos of it on line but only found one at the time. It is a three sided pyramid inside a circle.

Instead of writing about what these symbols represent I have listed several sites that I found interesting on covering the meaning of these symbols. Take from these sites what you will.  You may even wish to do your own research on these symbols. I have no proof, nor have I looked for any, that Dr. King was involved in the occult. I have never heard any accusations to this fact either. So this is not an attack on the man himself. The secret societies do have a way of using these symbols on monuments to show they were responsible for the death of people. This may well be the case.





Who Is The Extremist?

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