Leadership v. Representation.

It has really come to a sad state in this country when the people think they need leadership and not representation. What are the people wanting to be led to ?  When someone is elected in this country they are suppose to represent us, do our bidding and have our interests in mind. It has come to the point where the people want someone to tell them what to do. They have been taught not to think for themselves. They have lost their rights and think it is for the best because some stranger  put into an office tells them it is. It is time to wake up and think for yourselves !!

The people have managed to give up their property rights because they have been led to believe it is for the best to be taxed and if that tax cannot be paid it is for the best for the ‘leadership’ to toss them out and take what they have worked hard for all their lives. They have given up the right to say what is best for their own children because their ‘leaders’ tell them they do not know what is best. They have given up their right to keep their wealth because they have allowed their ‘leadership’ to install a banking system that robs them of any future they may have.They have given up their right to freedom because the ‘leadership’ has chosen what is acceptable behavior. And always, it is for the best.

It is time to tell the ‘leadership’ to stop leading and to start representing. It is time for the people to take responsibility for their own lives and futures. Don’t let the ‘leadership’ tell you how you should live, tell them they should start ‘represnting’ the people who put them in office. Otherwise…well, otherwise you do deserve to lose your property, wealth, freedom and children because the ‘leadership’ is right.

But hey, that is OK , because one day you will get your rights back. You just have to pay the licensing fee to do so.


About Patty Motley

I have spent over 19 years trying to teach people about their rights and how they are ultimately responsible for them. https://www.facebook.com/marlenemotley View all posts by Patty Motley

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