What Obama Didn’t Do.

The current President did not give us the United Nations. It was signed on to in June 26, 1945. According to UN History “The United Nations officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories” This came on the heels of Roosevelt’s meeting in Yalta with Stalin where they “…declared their resolve to establish ‘a general international organization to maintain peace and security’ “

August 8, 1945 Truman signed the UN Charter and after being the first country to complete the ratification process the U.S. also became the first country to join the new international organization.

Eisenhower followed with the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental relations (ACIR). The stated mission of ACIR, a permanent, independent, bipartisan intergovernmental agency established by Public Law 86-380 in 1959 was “To strengthen the American federal system and improve the ability of federal, state, and local governments to work together cooperatively, efficiently, and effectively.” There are 26 members on the commission consisting of six members of congress appointed by the house and senate leadership, four governors, three state legislators, four mayors, three county officials, three private citizens and three representatives of the federal executive branch appointed by the president.

ACIR’s functions are:

  • Convene federal, state, and local officials and private citizens to consider common problems;

  • Monitor events and conditions in the federal system;
  • Investigate the consequences of changes in the federal system;
  • Provide technical assistance to the executive and legislative branches of the federal government; and
  • Recommend changes in law, regulation, and practice to achieve a more desirable allocation of functions, responsibilities and revenues, and to improve relations among the levels of government.

This would put more power in the federal government through legislation with a stacked deck in any presidents favor.
John F. Kennedy signed Public Law 87-195 which established the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1961. In keeping with Agenda 21 we find stated on the site,

“In the 1990s, “sustainable development” was the priority, and USAID concentrated on programs that capitalized on the ability of a country to improve its own quality of life. During this decade, development assistance programs also were packaged according to a country’s economic condition: developing countries received an integrated package of assistance, while transitional countries received help in times of crisis. Countries with limited USAID presence received support through nongovernmental organizations, or NGOs.

This was followed by Public Law 87-297,  also known as The Arms Control and Disarmament Act. This calls for the elimination of our armed forces and weapons of all kinds. This act is used to reduce our military and increase the military functions of the U.N.

In October 1968, Lyndon Johnson gave us the Gun Control Act.

In March of 1969 President Nixon signed E.O. 11647 which divided the country into 10 regions. Although this was overturned by Reagan’s E.O. 12407 in February of 1983 the grant making agencies of the 10 regions remain in place. The Uniform Law Commission “…provides states with non-partisan, well conceived, and well drafted legislation that brings clarity and stability to critical areas of state statutory law.” Federal grants keep this alive and controlling the states by keeping the laws uniform.
Nixon also gave us Public law 92-500 a.k.a. The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972. This allowed the States to assume Federal pollution control enforcement on all businesses, land owners, their equipment and land by enacting enabling legislation approved by the federal government. It also created the Environmental Financing Authority with the power to acquire private property Real or personal) by whatever means.

In 1977 Jimmy Carter signed the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which was not ratified by the US until June 1992 under George W. Bush. In an article by Carter he writes,

President Bush officially took exception to some Covenant provisions that conflict with domestic laws, including one on juvenile executions. The Bush administration wants to reserve the right to allow states to continue to execute juveniles.”

Carter then gave us F.E.M.A. On July 20, 1997 with E.O. 12148. There is no Constitutional authority for Executive Orders and they have been instrumental in destroying our protected rights under the Constitution. Roosevelt alone issued 3,723.

Ronald Reagan, in keeping with the reduction of the US military ( Public Law 87-297), signed theIntermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) in 1987. The treaty eliminated nuclear and conventional ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with intermediate  ranges, defined as between 500-5,500 km (300-3,400 miles).

There was also the exposure of Rex 84 during the Iran-Contra hearings.

George Herbert Walker Bush, also in keeping with the reduction of the US military , signed the S.T.A.R.T.  Treaty on July 31,1991. This resulted in the removal of 80% of all strategic nuclear weapons. When the treaty expired in 2009 it was replaced in with a new treaty in April 2010 by Obama.
Bush continued with the pushing forward of NAFTA ,which finally came to fruition under Clinton, Public Law 101-216, updating Public Law 87-297, signed EO 12803– Infrastructure privatization, and pushed for Open Skies which would allow Russian planes access to US Airspace.

In Bushes letter to the Senate on August 12, 1992 he states,

“The Open Skies Treaty establishes a regime of unarmed aerial observation flights over the entire territory of its 25 signatories (North Atlantic Treaty Organization Allies, Eastern European members of the former Warsaw Pact, and Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia). The Treaty is designed to enhance mutual understanding and confidence by giving all participants, regardless of size, a direct role in observing military or other activities of concern to them.”

In 1994 Bill Clinton signs PDD 25 outlining the administrations reforming multilateral peace operations requiring soldiers to wear UN blue helmets and insignia.  The actual document remains classified. Under Clinton the 104th Congress grants China “most favored nation” status.

In 1993 Clinton signs EO 12852 establishing the Presidents Council on Sustainability for the implementation of Agenda 21.

Clinton also signs EO 13122- Interagency task force on the economic development of the southwest border and creates Border Region XXI extending the border 150 miles north of Mexico.

November 12, 1998 Clinton signed the Kyoto Treaty -The Framework Convention on Climate Change. That gives the government another way to waste tax payers money, buying “Carbon Credits”.

Under George W. Bush we got Homeland Security, Public Law 107-296 November 25, 2002. He wasted no time signing Executive Orders placing several agencies under HS.

With the Continuity of Government plan this helped create  a dictatorship and broke Posse Comitatus. The Military and civilian forces are now coming together against the American people. This can also be seen in the Fusion Centers popping up around the country.

Bush gave us the Base Closure and Realignment Commission (B.R.A.C.). Remember Public law 87-297?

He also gave us Operation Falcon. These ideas sound good but are a blatant example of overstepping Constitutional authority.

And Bush gave us the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. (SPP) which is being implemented through the EPA and Commission for Environmental Cooperation.

This is just a small sampling of all the laws and regulations that have been enacted to bring us to this point. It is no wonder that Obama is doing what he is doing as it was allowed by his predecessors. People seem to think it is a good idea when their side has all this power but not so good when the other side does. Well, guess what? The other side always gets in office eventually. But remember, WE THE PEOPLE let this happen. Obama didn’t do this.WE did this.


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