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Depression and Mind Games. The Legacy of Larry B. Risvold.

12932973_958968220876744_1849849891862820033_nUPDATE BELOW: MR RISVOLD SPEAKS.

“If a man is deceitful with those he claims an affinity  for how much more so will he be to strangers.”

“No more than you can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear can you make a boy into a man by putting him in a uniform. A uniform is the mask of a coward who would blame others for his evil deeds, whereas, a man will own up to the responsibility of correcting his own misdeeds.”


save“Rape by deception is a crime in which the perpetrator has the victim’s sexual consent and compliance, but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements or actions.”

Depression is real. It should never be used as someone’s toy. It is a game of Russian Roulette and the wrong spin could pull up the round in the chamber.

What I am about to write may cause me to be attacked or ridiculed but it was the mind games of one person that brought me to the verge of taking my life and if not for the concern of friends I would no longer be here today. And if this in any way helps to save another life then what I will go through is worth it.

thbepzgrm8Roughly three and a half years ago I became involved in an affair with a married man. I warned him going in about my depression and he didn’t even bother to understand what I was saying, mainly because he was willing to sacrifice my life for his own pleasure. As the affair progressed I fell in love and he was well aware of my feelings but proceeded to use that to his advantage. He would punish me by withholding his attention until I played nice as it were. He made sure the entire relationship revolved around what he wanted and this of course started to wear on my depression. I was down to 96 lb., from 120, when he finally deserted me after promising that would never happen. But that was just one of the many lies he told me.

In the beginning he was telling me they were talking about a divorce, that he no longer loved her and would leave her as soon as he got his disability from the military. He was turned down for his disability and that changed the way he treated me.  He refused to talk to me when I really needed him to and when I would tell him how sick I was getting from his coldness toward me he would tell me to just get over it. I repeatedly told him for a depressed person that wasn’t possible.  He never cared.quote-a-man-who-becomes-used-to-deluding-himself-who-fails-to-face-his-own-faults-with-revolutionary-ashraf-dehghani-117-39-90

He told me his wife had cheated on him right after they were married and he wasn’t even sure his son was going to be his. He said she had other affairs over the years. I can only wonder now if she ever cheated on him at all or he was just playing for sympathy.

Over the years he would say things to make me feel he did love me and then he would turn around and pull the rug out from under me by saying cold and hurtful things. And yes, he did tell me he loved me. I now know what he meant was he loved the way I made him feel.  And any time I raised concerns he would assure me I meant something to him. That he wasn’t going anywhere. Lies on top of lies on top of lies. He would promise things and never follow through in what only now appears as trying to keep me down and submissive.thv13wj08u

He said he would leave her but she would get his money and even said to me one time he would kill her if she did get it. He told me he loathed her with such venom in his voice it scared me at the moment. He repeatedly told me and his friends how he wanted to just get away from her.

thna25tv3xWhen I would be hurt and crying he would laugh at me and tell me to grow a thick skin. He would push for sex even when I was crying. He pushed for sex even when I was in a weakened state. It was all about him and satisfying him. He never cared about me or what became of me. I honestly think he did want me to die. That would have solved his problem.

During the last political campaign he even was so cold as to attack a candidate over his “alleged” infidelity. When I asked him to stop as he too was having an affair he said it was ok because he wasn’t running for office. The affair we had was on going  when he ran for office and when I mentioned it he simply said we didn’t get caught.  I was hurt he had did this but he didn’t care. His attacks got worse against this candidate.

He is a retired Marine who talks about honor but has no honor. It meant nothing to him to hurt someone who could least afford it. If I had taken my life he would never had cared. He never checked to see if I was ok. I think he had hoped I would take my life.

thThank you Larry B. Risvold for ruining my life and destroying a loving heart just because you could, and for what?  SEX. Thank you for raping my soul.

If you are married and are thinking about an affair please reconsider it because a moments pleasure isn’t worth the life of another.

Update: I believe Mr. Risvold has been riding by my house in an attempt to intimidate me. I have no proof but it sounds like his dog that has a distinctive voice.  I have witnessed him beat his dog in the past Just for barking. And he has left bruises on my arms showing no concern .  I do not know what he is capable of. At the time I thought he was unaware of what he was doing but in light of remarks he has made and what appears to be an attempt to harass me has me worried. Mr. Risvold lives a life of illusion and any thing that threatens his appearance to those around him becomes a threat to him.

Bruises Mr. Risvold left on my arm.

Bruises Mr. Risvold left on my arms. Bruises Mr. Risvold left on my arm.




You tell yourself over and over exactly what you want to say hoping it all comes out clear but I can never express enough or in adequate words what hell I live through everyday with the depression. And when someone comes along and plays on the weakness of my disability I have to wonder what kind of person would do that knowingly. I don’t know if Mr. Risvold returned to my world just to get me to remove this article or if his feelings even border on sincerity. For starters, he basically used the excuse of his son finding this article to contact me, never even bothering to read the article. He finally did read it and told me I needed to remove it as I was only hurting myself. Mr. Risvold overlooks the fact that I don’t give heed to what others think of me. If they want to look down on me they will always find an excuse. People who know me know how I am but those who know Mr. Risvold only know a façade. He did later admit he thought it hurt him. Seems the only ones talking negatively about it to him was his family.

Yes, even knowing the article was out there he wanted to resume our relationship. He said he had regretted pushing me away. That he thought about me all the time. Just more lies on top of more lies? I hardly know any more. Publicly he has to pretend she is the important one because of the kids and privately I am the one that is important. What kind of reasoning is that? The “kids” are adults. But mainly it is the money. I guess it takes a lot of money to live a lie so your friends and neighbors never know the truth. That there is no real love or substance in your home. Even his wife admits she doesn’t love him and only stays for the money.

4eb9f332f67d3080f93bf873f362b5efI often wonder how Mr. Risvold says, “Simper Fi” with a straight face. The goddess he honors, Fides, is also the goddess of honesty and trustworthiness, Mr. Risvold seems foreign to both concepts. Maybe trusting him to be honest was a fool’s errand.  It reminds me of the court scene in A Few Good Men where one marine says to the other something to the effect of hurting the ones they should have protected. Mr. Risvold would say “Simper Fi” means faithful to God but this is the same guy who held his middle finger toward God in my living room because the weather was going to be too bad to go boating. Not very faithful to God at all.

He kept telling me I was the one he wanted to hurt the least but his actions were to hurt me the most. I think he did things purposefully in order to make me cry just so he could watch me in pain, like it made him proud of himself.  He did take advantage of my feelings for him and it has cost me a lot. I am sure it will cost him nothing. A few slaps on the back and a few “Atta boys” and he will be so proud of his accomplishment of ruining another’s  life. But he can never be proud of being an honest man. I am sure he will be told “the whore deserved it” and he will just laugh in a drunken stupor as he downs another beer.  My emotional state has left me sick and all I can hear is Mr. Risvold saying, “Get over it.” He always thought the depression was something to laugh at and take advantage of. Just a means to an end. But then what should one expect of a man who put on a Marine uniform and trolled a church to pick up women? He brings shame to the uniform and only hides behind it because it lets him pretend he is the man he will never be.14910295_1098933856893819_7745232726036217317_n

thtp3xnc65Update: It seems Mr. Risvold doesn’t know what “over” is. He has tried sending a friend over to use me like he did. I don’t know if it is because I cut him off entirely and that made him mad or if he just feels a need to keep hurting me. He has ridden by my house when I have repeatedly asked him in the past not to. There is no reason for him to unless he is trying to hurt or harass me. He has sent me an email threatening to sue me but backed off when I reminded him what would come out in court. If he saw this post as an issue why not sue when I first posted it instead of using it as an excuse to pick up where he left off? At this point I don’t think he would be stupid enough to hurt me but I am finding out I never really knew him. He has told me I haven’t seen him when he is really mad. And anyone capable of the damage he has already caused and thought so light of is capable of anything.  My God, he told a friend he needed to “get some of that” because “she needs it”. No Mr. Risvold, she needed someone to love her, not use her. You just needed someone to use.
You wanted everything to be all about you. Well I made it all about you.

Note: No apology for enabling him to do this the whole marriage. She is just as guilty for allowing the bad behavior.

A little touch on irony…Mr. Risvold once told me when he was overseas he used the women that the sailors were keeping up because he wasn’t going to pay for sex. If what he told me was true he is now keeping up a woman who other men are using for sex without paying for it.

Everyone told me Mr. Risvold was a liar, a user and, to put it politely, a coward. I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was a mistake and I apologize to everyone for not listening. Mr. Risvold has no problem with others living with the damage he has caused but takes issue with being exposed for causing it. To Mr. Risvold I will say “I am sorry you were never the man I thought you were. I am sorry you have no self-respect but that does not give you the right to disrespect others. I am sorry you never felt I deserved the truth. But mostly I am sorry I trusted a guy who felt it was ok to send another guy to my house to get sex based on lies.”

A friend told me that your perception is your reality.

Mr. Risvold once told me that she could ruin him financially an I could ruin him emotionally. If this is true, then his attempts to hurt me after the break-up were because of emotions he never fully understood. The following is an excerpt from a recent conversation. He told a mutual friend that his reason for not leaving was because of my actions. By obligations he means she will get his money (The Risvolds have shown me with stunning clarity how the love of money is the root of all evil.). He did admit to me he had allowed certain things to happen but as usual Mr. Risvold chose to blame his actions on others. He shies away from taking any blame for what he has done. He also changes his story with his audience. I could say more but for now I will let the audio below speak for itself

Did Sheriff Matthews Traffic Enforcement Unit Put Kershaw County In The RED?

According to an article in  the Chronicle Independent out of Camden, SC on Monday, April 9,2012  it may have done just that. Herein lies the problem, it seems County Council Chairman Gene Wise is under the impression that if a deputy writes a ticket the courts are always suppose to see the deputies side. Wise is reported as saying he believes our courts should be “profit centers” for the county, not dispensers of justice.  Seems the courts do not agree. Well, now that requires an ad hoc committee and they have to call in everyone, the County Administrator, the chief magistrate, the Sheriff and the County Auditors to see why the judges are not playing nice.

Even Jimmy Jones has weighed in against the magistrates it appears. He states in the article he knows the activity is there and the deputies are writing three times as many tickets but the courts are “obviously doing something over there.” Maybe they are taking their cues from the Supreme Court, if it is wrong it is wrong. So like Obama they need to go forth and blame the courts.

So, how does this put the county in the red? Well it turns out the goose that layed the rotten egg, Sheriff Jim Matthews newly formed traffic enforcement unit, costs the county $350,000 to start up by purchasing the four new cars and the four new officers for the first year and Matthews told us it would pay for itself in the first six months but now  it has been 8 months and we are $130,000 behind. We are a long ways from being revenue expense neutral.   What does this mean? It means instead of going forth to serve and protect the deputies have to spend all their time writing tickets to cover their pay.  This means they are more likely than not harassing motorists who make the slightest of mistakes. Matthews has stated in the past that everyone stopped would at least get a warning, guess now they will all get tickets.

Vic Carpenter , the County Administrator, is reported as stating that the county would have to collect $30,000 a month going forward to become revenue neutral. He states the figures “haven’t come close to $30,000 a month.” But also states they have  been “picking up a little in the last two to three months.” according to the article. And I would suspect that after the printing of this article by the Chronicle they will be picking up even more. So if you have to drive through Matthews Cou, I mean Kershaw county please practice safe driving.

What can we expect from our new sheriff ?

This is a copy of the letter I had published in the Chronicle Independent out of Camden, SC on Jan. 12, 2011

I recently came across the following statement, “The Law in the U.S. requires three elements to be present in any crime: the Act, Intent and Damage (MENS REA – willful intent, ACTUS REUS – act or crime, CORPUS DELICTI – body of the crime, the actual damage). It is estimated that 90% of the people prosecuted by the courts in the U.S. committed no crime.” That is a very powerful statement. Basically what it is saying is that most people in prison today are there because we simply refused to accept their behavior. It has become the norm in America to pass laws to remove from among us those who we have decided are morally inferior to us. Imagine Heaven if God used the same yardstick to measure us. It would be an empty place.

But that aside, we recently have sworn in a new Sheriff in Kershaw county, and this man took an oath to defend our Constitutional rights. Question is, will he ? Does he know what our rights are ? Does he care ?

In a recent interview Sheriff Matthews said he wanted to work with Federal agents in Kershaw county. That is fine as long as they are complying with their given Constitutional duties, which are matters dealing with treason, felonies committed on the high seas and counterfeiting. These are the only three law enforcement duties given to the Federal government.

He also said he wished to increase sobriety check points. Can we all say “Papers please”. I know there are those who think this is a good thing but statistics have proven that roving patrols garner the greatest number of drunk drivers. (I would refer back to my earlier statement of moral inferiority but the concept would offend most who feel they hold the moral highground.) It is also a blatant disreguard for the 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th Amendment rights of those stopped.

I am sure there are those who feel I should be willing to give up my rights for the greater good, but I prefer to hold on to my rights and not have to fear being accosted by the kings officers. Officers, I might add, who can become judge, jury and executioner right on the spot. They only have to perceive a threat to themselves where one exists or not.

I would like to end with a quote from Richard Mack. He was the Arizona Sheriff who questioned the constitutionality of the Brady Bill, Mack v. The United States, and on June 27,1997 the Supreme Court ruled in his favor.  When the question was put to him about people asking their local Sheriff for assistance when the IRS shows up to take property without due process his reply was, “He’s going to tell you to get a lawyer. And I’m telling you that is absolutely an abuse of his duty. It’s his job to protect you and now you are going to spend the next five to ten years defending something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place. And that sheriff’s going to put his boots up on his desk and go,’ Boy howdy, I sure wish we could help people like that, but we’re too busy writing tickets and catching  drug dealers.’ ”

Patty M.Motley

Who Is The Extremist?

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What Property Rights?

On April 20, 2011 I was arrested for breach of peace, or in layman’s terms, for calling an officer what he is, a public servant. I have heard the term ‘contempt of cop’ bandied about. I’m guessing my response should have been ‘overlord’ but I really wasn’t in the mood. But on with the story…

About a year earlier we met our neighbor, a one Mr. Michael Armstrong, because he had made up his mind since he had 100+ acres of land that 100+ acres included our 2+. Seems Mr. Armstrong has a dog that believes anything that isn’t human and smaller than a breadbox is free food. This has included several chickens, a rabbit and the usual cats. The dog  also had a propensity for dancing on the hood of cars. And, of course, Mr. Armstrong has the strangest idea that he is not responsible for the damage his doggie does. Restitution is a very, very bad word in his vocabulary.

Well, after 8-10 visits by Lady, the dog, we finally managed to trap her and off to doggie court we go. And all is well right? Wrong. The nice animal control officer, although he let us show photos of the car, would not hear of us telling the judge that the doggie liked to kill small animals. Mr. Armstrong did have to pay a fine and was ordered by the judge to keep the doggie shut up. Now just before trapping Lady we were told by the nice animal control officer that if we knew who the dog belonged to he could write a ticket for the dog. Funny how that option dried up when it was determined who the owner was. Curious thing that. But it gets curiouser and curiouser.

Jump to this year and as my Mom is out in the yard up from the woods comes Lady with her same determination to eat the cats. Mom did manage to subdue Lady and called me out to put her, Lady, on a leash. We then proceeded to call animal control to come pick the dog up. With the history of the dog and the court order this was going to put a stop to this “animal at large” problem. Wrong again. As we were waiting for the AC officer to come Mr. Armstrong shows up looking for the dog and I inform him that we have the dog and are waiting for AC to come get it. Well Mr. Armstrong goes ballistic. He pulls into our driveway from a road that runs up beside our house, an easement really, and I just manage to close our gates as he gets there. He jumps out of his truck and starts screaming at us about how we stole his dog and how his dog followed our dog, we don’t have one, into our yard. OK, there is a stray in the neighborhood and he alleged that since it had been in our yard it had to be our dog. Hmm, would this not also now make Lady our dog?  Anyway, he is jumping at the gate and all the while this little child, I can only assume is his, is screaming right along with him.

At this point I told him twice to remove himself from the property as the gate comes up into the yard and both times he refused as he stood there in front of the POSTED sign on the gate. Said he did not have to leave. Guessing he thought he also had a right to run free like his dog on any property he wanted. So the wise decision at this point was to call dispatch and have a sheriff’s deputy sent out to remove him. Turns out what seems wise isn’t always so.

In the meantime, while awaiting for the officers to arrive, I end up on the phone with a friend discussing another case and asked the friend to stay on the line should I need a witness. Well, at least that was wise as the officer made an accusation that the party on the other end of the phone knew to be a lie.

So, the officer, the deputy, shows up and I am standing back up in the yard. The officer is talking to Mr. Armstrong and I walk out to the gate and tell the officer I want Mr. Armstrong removed from the property. The officer says for me to go back and he will talk to me later. Fine, I walk away and continue my phone conversation. But what seemed like more than enough time for the officer to ask Mr. Armstrong if he was trespassing and Mr. Armstrong to admit he was I decided to walk back out. By this time the AC officer had arrived.  Anyway, I approached and again told the officer I wanted Mr. Armstrong off the property. The officer told me Mr. Armstrong could not leave because he, the officer, had him blocked in. I guess the look I had to have on my face at that time had to say something along the lines of, “Are you really as dumb as you sound?” but I refrained from taking the officers bait as it was apparent to me by this time the officer was attempting to bait me. After another moment or two I again told the officer I wanted Mr. Armstrong off the property and that is when the officer got even uglier, if that were even possible.

The officer told me if I did not leave, and please bear in mind that the officer was outside the gate and at the back of Mr. Armstrong’s truck and I was inside the yard away from the gate, he was going to put me in jail. I just had to ask, “Are you threatening me?” at which point the officer asked me if I knew who I was talking to. “A public servant” was not the answer he was looking for. That managed to get the officer inside the gate at which point he removed the phone from my hand and put it in my pocket and cuffed me. Funny how that was never mentioned in his report. He told me he just wanted me to calm down. I was the calm one and told him so. He was the one chomping at the bit.

By now the AC officer is also in the yard and the deputy removes the cuffs. The AC officer starts asking questions about the dog and I explain how Mr. Armstrong  was ordered to keep the dog shut up by a judge. And that my mother had all the information and she was in the back yard with the dog on a leash. And again I asked the deputy to remove Mr. Armstrong from the property and again he said he could not be moved because the deputy had him blocked in. At this time I am beginning to question the wisdom of putting this guy on the streets with a gun and badge. I am also realizing that neither officer is going to do as they are supposed to do. So I just threw up my hands and started to walk away at which point I hear the deputy moving to come after me so I just stop and put my hands behind my back. And again he cuffs me and rushes me out to the car neither explaining what vicious crime I had perpetrated or reading me my rights. So off to jail I go.

On the ride to the jail the deputy asked my name and I exercised my 5th Amendment right not to tell him. Apparently he did not like that either. Now there are those who will say you have to answer that question but I have yet to find the “except when an officer asks your name” clause in the 5th Amendment. Seriously, I must have quite a different constitution than the one they use.

We proceeded to the detention center with the deputy speeding to get this hardened criminal to jail. He was doing 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. This was through a residential area. Not only was he endangering my life but that of anyone in the area. At least he took the precaution of putting my seatbelt on, you know, so the cuffs could better cut into my wrists.

Now I have a court date and in an attempt to find out what they are going to use against me in court I file a Brady Motion for discovery with the sheriffs dept. and the officer sends his statement of record , the ‘Incident Report’. That was all that I received. That was what he was going to court with.  Wait a minute, wasn’t the AC officer present? What about the trespasser? Anyway, the report was bad enough. That alone would have got the case dismissed.

First, he accused me of being somewhere I wasn’t and claimed that was where the arrest took place. Then he accused me of yelling. Oops, remember, I was on the phone with someone who could verify I was not yelling. He proceeded to say that the trespasser had nowhere else to move his truck to if he asked him to vacate the property. Wrong. There are actually three access roads the gentleman could have used One directly across the street, one next to the property and one directly across the street from that. The officer also said the child was frightened by my behavior. Wrong. The child’s father, the trespasser, Mr. Armstrong, already had the child upset before the officer got there and all he had to do was remove the trespasser and the child away if he truly thought that was a problem. This was his reason, as he put it, for entering the yard, not the fact that the term ‘Public Servant’ was used. He also said I put my hand in the AC officers face. I was four-foot away from him and my arms are not that long. He also had me living in a different town on the report too. But my favorite part, the victim in all this was of course ‘STATE OF SC’ and when asked on the form if the victim was on drugs or using alcohol the officer checked “UNK”. I also liked that the STATE OF SC had the same number as the Kershaw County Sheriffs Dept.

When I finally got to court the officer mumbles something to the judge and the judge says I can go as the witness did not appear. I came so close to saying, “What do you mean? The SOB is standing right here.”. See, I do have self-control.

And just in case you are wondering, the officer left the trespasser on the property with my 79-year-old mother blocking her exit from the driveway and the AC officer gave him back his dog even though it was on our property when he arrived. I did speak to the judge later and even he could not understand this. Also, the AC officer was in the court room but made tracks before my case came up. The trespasser never showed. But hey, would you swear an oath and then perjure yourself in court?

This was the scene of the crime.

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